Brekkie Prize Bowl

  • Branded Gaming
  • Augmented Reality
  • App Development

Amid the pandemic, Weet-Bix and agency Zoo Republic wanted to bring some much-needed excitement to the breakfast table.

Nakatomi worked on the product design and development of a classically-Australian backyard cricket game, brought to life with Augmented Reality. Users were challenged to face off against Australian cricketing legends, Marnus Labuschagne and Ellyse Perry, to win prizes by bowling them out.

An experience fit for any breakfast table

We wanted to keep Weet-Bix at the core of this experience and create a bowling mechanic that was just the right balance of challenging and fun for the user. Creating the experience in AR allowed us to do exactly that.

The many back-yards of Australia

The cereal box was used as the anchor of the experience. Week by week players could unlock new stadiums, inspired by the diverse backyards of Australia.

Shoppers were able to purchase a Weet-Bix pack, scan the QR code and download the Brekkie Prize-Bowl app. Once at home, the app was used to scan the Weet-Bix box to launch the immersive game.

More than a century

Repeat play was rewarded by an achievement system reminiscent of our childhoods, paying homage to the nostalgic act of collecting Weet-Bix cricket cards.

Over the course of the two-month campaign, Australian kids bowled 1.36 million balls, hit 346,370 wickets and won themselves 3,910 real-world prizes.

We had an absolute blast building this experience. Not only did it result in a huge increase in consumer engagement for the client, but it was also a whole lot of fun.