Gut Bacteria Reef

  • Branded Gaming
  • Virtual Reality

Kellogg's wanted to talk to gamers about the health benefits of their cereals in a relevant and engaging way. TBWA partnered with us to craft a branded experience that connected with and inspired this new audience in a novel and captivating way.

Click here to experience Kellogg's Gut Bacteria Reef on Steam.

Speaking to next generation consumers

Gamers are an incredibly passionate and vocal audience. Create something they love, and they will sing your praises, but the reverse is also true - making it tough to create branded content that fits. We have an intimate understanding of business and and intimate understanding of gamers - that’s because we’re gamers ourselves. It’s this balance of experience that allows us to promote brand engagement through relevant content - ensuring a fair value exchange between brand and consumer.

A massive microscopic adventure

Kellogg's Gut Bacteria Reef draws parallels between the human gut and the Great Barrier Reef - both being diverse ecosystems that need our help to survive and prosper.

The player is shrunken down and sent on a mission through the human body to experience first-hand the benefits Kellogg's can have on the human gut.

An unforgettable journey

We needed this message to be memorable, and the best way to create memorable virtual experiences is by making them incredibly immersive. So, we opted for Virtual Reality.

VR allowed us to completely engross players in the virtual world and give them influence over their experience with hands-on interactions.

Instead of learning by seeing, players were given the chance to learn by doing as they controlled the miniature biological submarine, navigated through the winding intestines and helped the gut thrive by taking aim with the Fibre Feeder and helping the gut flora grow.

The new normal for branded entertainment

Proving the maturity of the domestic VR market and as a first for a commercial organisation in Australia, the VR experience was released publicly on the Steam store for free. A QR code on the back of Kellogg's cereal boxes also directed players to enjoy the experience. As mentioned in an article by Kotaku - “​​There was a time where your breakfast cereal came with Age of Empires or Rollercoaster Tycoon. These days? It’s QR codes for Kellogg’s-branded VR games on Steam.”

The experience was incredibly well-received on Steam, holding the highly coveted rank of “Mostly Positive”. Further evidence to show there is a place in the Metaverse for commercial entities, big or small.

If you’ve got the time, these community reviews are all entertaining to read, but here are a few of our favourites.

Thank you Kellogg's for allowing me to observe the beauty of going deep inside someone's guts.

Xavier: Renegade


Regardless of whether you play this seated or standing, you'll be pooped by the end.

Silent Caay


This is the pinnacle of corporate advertisement games!