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The Bloomfield Group is an Australian owned and operated, mining and engineering group. They’ve been a part of the Hunter region community in NSW for more than 80 years and employ hundreds of local people. Over this time they’ve acquired valuable experience and insight in their industry.

Bloomfield respects and cares about the safety and wellbeing of their people, which is why they know first-hand that the mental health of workers can be seriously impacted by a workplace incident. This is particularly the case for close-proximity personnel such as first responders, WHS professionals, human resource professionals and business leaders/owners.

Bloomfield partnered with us to develop a tool to support the Mental Safety of these key workers.

What is Mental Safety and why is it important?

Mental Safety is the general mental health and wellbeing of your workforce and how this can have an impact in the workplace context. There are various statistics that show the increasing prevalence of mental health issues. One in 5 workers have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy. This can have a significant impact on the individual, their families and also the workplace in general. Research shows that businesses can expect to see a strong return on investment on mental health initiatives, making investing in mental health a win-win situation for employers and employees.

A holistic approach to Metal Safety

Managing the Mental Safety of your workforce is an ongoing responsibility for employers, however it can be significantly volatile in industries prone to workplace incidents. During times of crisis, an employee's professional responsibilities and personal wellbeing can be flipped upside down. The Mental Safety application is designed to help protect these workers before, during and after a significant workplace incident - ensuring they are equipped, prepared and supported when handling a crisis.

Managing Crisis

Every aspect of the application’s user experience is designed to be an always-at-your-fingertips tool.

Preparation questionnaires ensure that if a crisis does strike, any relevant information is immediately available for first-responders. The application features a ‘Crisis mode’, which at the push of a button transforms the app into a step-by-step guide for personnel managing a workplace incident. Ensuring that all relevant information is gathered and best practices are followed, bringing confidence and support to those managing the situation.

"I thought I was prepared to manage the effects of a serious incident in my workplace. This app has showed me how important it is to consider the mental safety impacts on my workers as well as managing the incident."

Every business needs this!

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"Great collection of reliable resources in a user friendly interface. I hope to never need the crisis mode, but will be glad to have it on hand if it occurs."

Great resource

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