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AtOne is a multi-sensory approach to meditation using VR to target stress, recovery, and behaviour change. It’s designed to break down barriers to meditation and improve mind fitness by encouraging daily practice.

Startup Partnership

AtOne’s founder, Edwina Griffin, is a high-performance expert who increases performance by delivering interventions that drive an individual’s well-being. AtOne incorporates Eddy’s 25 years of experience in mental, physical, and emotional wellness and training and the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit. 

We had seen the emotional effects that VR could have on people first hand with our collaboration with Dr Christian Thompson on his piece ‘Bayi Gardiya’ (singing desert). Our own passion was extremely complimentary to Edwina’s and made the product strategy phase incredibly enjoyable.

We met Edwina at a crucial time in the AtOne development cycle, an initial prototypical application had been created, but the UX and product strategy needed further development prior to the next stage of development. 

Each startup we work with has different requirements, but it’s universally true they need to be efficient with capital and de-risk as many decisions as possible. Our experience in developing XR applications for the last 10 years combined with years of developing applications for startups made this project a natural fit for Nakatomi.

Early concepts for future versions of AtOne

"Nakatomi has been brilliant to work with on all levels. The extensive experience of the team has added huge value to our product, strategy and design. The team sat down with us to set a future plan and simplified product strategy, improved  features and design.From strategy to MVP only took 5 weeks and they continue to deliver on time always.  I cannot recommend Nakatomi highly enough."

Edwina Griffin

Founder, AtOne

Product Strategy & Tactics

AtOne is targeted at organisations that take mind fitness seriously. Meditation and VR are reasonably new concepts to our target audience. Our research showed that newness resulted in some skepticism toward both. This led to our core product goal of making everyone feel included in the ‘wellness club’. 


As with all our projects working with startups to large businesses, our strategy and development teams are closely connected.'To achieve the goal of making an inclusive VR meditation experience that people felt comfortable using in the workplace, we drastically simplified the UX and removed complexity at every level. Meditation was re-framed to the output an individual could achieve. We were careful to focus on stress reduction and performance enhancement rather than mindfulness.

We developed simplified reporting mechanisms for people to track their progress on their mind fitness journey. This system is designed to evolve over time as more data points are gathered.

Results & Next Steps

AtOne is available via the Oculus for Business and HTC app platforms. We are gathering data from the pilot customers prior to the next iteration of the product.

AtOne in the media:

Sydney Morning Herald - Meditation App Reviews

“This is a meditation app like you’ve never tried before. AtOne offers virtual reality meditation, which means you use an Oculus headset to step into another world while being guided through meditation. What stands out is how tailored this is. I loved being able to choose from a variety of scenes to place myself in – my favourites were the mountain-top lake and outer space – and pair it with my choice of sound as a backdrop to the voice. And that’s on top of being able to select your length and type of meditation….”

Sophie Aubrey

Sydney Morning Herald

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