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Moo Brew Roulette

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Moo Brew is Tasmania's largest craft brewery, based in Hobart.


To launch Moo Brew’s new range of canned beers, they tasked us with creating a machine that introduced & encouraged people to explore all six.

Moo Brew 'Roulette' Making Of


Moo Brew was started in 2005 by David Walsh, founder of the world-famous, convention-adverse Mona (The Museum of Old and New Art) in Tasmania. 

Needless to say, any branded experience for Moo Brew needed to be equally convention-adverse as the art in Mona. 

Head Brewer Dave Macgill seeded the idea: “Moo Brew has 6 core beer styles, so we thought we’d invent a vending machine that encouraged you to try a different one each time.” Unlike normal vending machines, you can’t select what you want. In fact, it’s more like a game of roulette. 

But, as with all games of roulette, there’s a risk involved. In this case in the form of receiving  a seventh beer, from Fosters.

Final Concept Artwork

Roulette Explainer

Moo Brew Roulette in Melbourne, Australia


An old soda vending machine donated it’s innards to form the shell of the machine. The roulette wheel was salvaged from a recently written-off Land Cruiser. The interior wood and piping found a home with us after it’s original one burned down. The other gauges, gadgets and gizmos were either fabricated or manipulated from other materials found in our workshop.


Moo Brew toured the country before being installed at the entrance of MONA – where over 360,000 visitors a year will be exposed to the creation, with 51,428 of them at risk of drinking a can of Fosters.

Moo Brew lauch event