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Solemate is an IoT medical device that monitors isolated workers for injury.

Solemate has been seed funded by MLA and is currently looking for investment and commercialisation partners.

Field Test Prototype


Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have recognised an industry challenge that agriculture workers often work alone or remotely.

In Australia, this industry typically accounts for more than one in five workplace deaths. When working alone, the limited cellular network coverage and long response times limit injured workers' survival chances.

Current remote worker tracking systems require significant user interaction and are easy to forget or inappropriate to wear in some situations, like a watch or pendant.

There are at least 124,000 lone workers in Australia’s Agriculture sector alone, and over 50 million lone workers across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Product strategy and tactics: 

In response to this challenge Nakatomi worked on the product strategy and design of an insole IoT device that monitors for ‘injury’ events and then alerts a nominated emergency contact via long-range communications, all with no necessary user interaction.

A functional prototype PCB was installed in a shoe insole and utilised to validate a hardware sensor suite and an injury event detection algorithm.

Field Test Prototype

Results and next steps:

Following on from this, the project is awaiting a further market research phase before commencing the next stage of hardware development, certification, and commercialisation as a medical device.

Other potential applications: 

This product also has the potential to benefit lone and remote workers outside the Agriculture sector, as well as the aged care, health care, research, and road & transport markets.

Read an interview with Matthew Edwards, Mechatronics Engineer, on growAG - 'Intuitive farm safety device, SoleMate steps up for Aussie farmers' here.

Investment Opportunities: 

Opportunities exist for investors and manufacturers interested in supporting development, investors interested in partnering for distribution of the device in Australia and internationally, as well as researchers interested in utilising health and activity data for research purposes.

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