Nakatomi is a multi-disciplinary,
award winning technology
innovation company.

Handmade in-house

The Nakatomi team is unlike any other. We believe in choosing the right person, not just the right person for the job. Because here, roles are stretched every day; as our engineers turn into coders turn into artists turn into writers. That's why, above all, we look for endless curiosity. Our small team has a big appetite for learning, so we're always on the cusp of the cutting-edge — consuming and creating the latest technology. When you work with us, you have access to the whole team. Our projects are always open to all at Nakatomi, because we know that good ideas can come from anywhere.

Your unfair advantage

Our way of approaching problems didn’t happen overnight. We are the product of one of the world's leading film production companies combined with the best talent in technology. Our path over the last ten years has been one of constant evolution.

We live the certainty and imagination process every day. Our process starts with first principles thinking to promote original ideas. The varied talents of our team creates an atmosphere of divergent thinking.

Our domain expertise is varied, spanning digital and physical products and experiences. We pride ourselves on fostering a team that makes this possible. Certainty and imagination is the key to our results and we demand this across every facet of our business.

We’re highly awarded

We’ve been recognised by some of the world’s best award shows in creativity, innovation, game design, and more.

Cannes Lions — Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, Bronze
D&AD — Black, Yellow and Gold Pencils
AWARD Awards — Gold and Bronze
London International Awards — Gold and Silver
NYX Game Awards — Grand Winner
Effies — Grand Prize and Gold
Real World XR Awards — VR Film of the Year, Best use of Sound and Music in XR, Best use of XR in Retail and Marketing, Best use of XR in Education and Training