Google Nest Applications

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Google Nest is a line of smart home products that aim to create a more connected household.

Google collaborated with us to create a new product experience to highlight the capabilities of this impressive hardware and treat the homes of their existing customers with a unique and magical festive experience.

The idea was inspired by an understanding of what users search for during the festive season, with ‘recipes’ being the most searched for term in December. So we began creating a novel product experience that got the whole family in the kitchen and demonstrated the full potential of the Google Nest.

My Gingerbread Creator

Google Nest’s My Gingerbread Creator lets users design, build, and watch their dream gingerbread house digitally come to life, then gives them all the information they need to make that dream a reality.

Simply say, "Hey Google, talk to My Gingerbread Creator" to get started.

Then follow a series of questions to create your own Gingerbread house design. Perhaps you want to live on the beach, or in space; live with a kangaroo or aliens; even add a unicorn horn chimney.

Then follow along as a family with the instructional video made especially for you.

The Wiggles Kitchen

After the success of My Gingerbread Creator, we created and launched The Wiggles Kitchen the following year. 

With a similar user experience to the initial version, The Wiggles Kitchen allows families to customise and create a festive pavlova through an interactive sing-a-long experience.

The Wiggles, with their unique charm, lead you through a hot-potato-inspired performance allowing families to pick their favourite pavlova ingredients along the way.

At the end, the application generates a unique music video and recipe based on your flavour preferences to be recreated at home.