XKal | XKal Fitness

App development, Product Strategy, New Venture

Google | Project Skate

Machine Learning, Product Development, R&D

Weet-Bix | Brekkie Prize Bowl

Branded Gaming, Augmented Reality, App Development

Defence Force Recruiting (ADF) | Category 5

Serious Games, Virtual Reality, Data and Analytics, Game Design

Google | Google Nest Applications

Software Development, Creative Development, User Experience

Kellogg's | Gut Bacteria Reef

Branded Gaming, Virtual Reality

Bloomfield | Mental Safety App

Software Development, Product Strategy, User Experience

AtOne | AtOne VR

Startup Development, Product Strategy, Creative Strategy, Software Development

Moo Brew | Moo Brew Roulette

Creative Development, Design, Software Development, Firmware Development, Fabrication

Spark | Play

Product Development, Machine Learning, Firmware Development, Industrial Design

Dom Perignon | Proxima

Product Design, Industrial Design, Creative Development, Firmware Development

Creatable | UNICEF | Rocket Stove

Strategy, R&D, Design, Prototype

Nakatomi | Solemate

R&D, Industrial Design, Product Strategy, Firmware Development, Machine Learning

Monash University | A Future Without Change

Virtual Reality, Serious Games

Dr Christian Thompson AO | Bayi Gardiya (Singing Desert)

XR, Virtual Reality, Visual Art, Experiential

Beam Suntory | Bowmore Tasting Cask

Creative Development, Design, Robotics, Build

PNAU | Changa Tour Visuals

Creative Development, AI, CG, Unreal Engine, Visualisation

Nakatomi | Kraken

Game Development, Original IP

ALS Association | Project Revoice

Product Development, Machine Learning, Software Development

Machine | Protagonist

Creative Development, Industrial Design, Machine Learning, Software Development

ABC | Space Discovery

Augmented Reality, Game Development, Software Development

The Steve Waugh Foundation | The Riderless Bike

Creative Development, Software Development, Firmware Development, Fabrication, Assembly